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WIB MKII (Web Server In a Box)

VK6MRG WIB MKII (Web Server In a Box)


I'm playing with the Web Server In a Box at the moment with the idea to super-size it in to something more usable. 

This is the first time that I've played with PIC MCU's so it's going to be a steep learning curve for me.

I've never programmed a PIC micro before and I also got to learn how the webpage interacts with the PIC to access the extra I/Os that I want.

The basic setup.

This is the same circuit was the original WIB project by Mauro Grassi.

All I have done here is to prototype the circuit so I can play with different processors to expand the I/Os (Input and Outputs).

20151006 144152 

This was the moment of truth. The circuit is working well with the design broken out for testing on the bench. Next step is to flash the new MCU and interchange it with the dsPIC33FJ128GP802. Fingers crossed.

 20151006 143940
I had to use two bread board power supplies as one just didn't cope with the load once I started working the WIB via the web pages.   20151006 143948



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