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My start in electronics

I must say that I am not a professional electronics technician, however, I do have a certificate in electronics as well as five years of studying electronics in high school.

My father was in the Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (Reserves) and at times he would take to the depot to have a look around. One time I remember

a solder was pulling a valve TV apart to fix it and he let me watch for a while. We I was hooked! With the valves powered up looking like a small city lit up at night I wanted

to know more. And much to my parents horror I wasted no time pulling things apart to see how they worked then putting them back together (with mixed results).

I enjoy tinkering around in my spare time and these are some of the things that I have modified, designed and made. 

If it wasn't for the likes of Dick Smith and his shop in Bendigo and later Talking Electronics and the encouragement from my parents I would have never become involved

in radio and electronics. Now I use and where possible and practicable I support JAYCAR Electronics and ALTRONICS for most things electronic as well as RS Components.

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