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Some information on the tracker VK6MRG-6

For my Birthday in 2011, I bought myself a Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere.



The XT1200z is an awesome bike! Have a look here for more info on my XT1200Z.



I have a Byonics RTG-FA (Ready To Go) which is the same as the Byonics RTG but the TX frequency is set via software, so no modification is required. 

The RTG and the RTG-FA are not polite APRS trackers, as they have no receive capabilities at all. And so, it will transmit when the settings tell it to and not necessarily when the frequency is clear.

Currently the Bayonics RTG-FA tracker is in action andis  working well.

mt-rtg-2 300
mt-rtg-3 200 I have the tracker mounted under the side cover next to the battery. So far this tracker has not caused any problems and is working well. I have the tracker wired up through the ignition switch so it is only working when the bike is running.

I'm already looking at other options for the bike as far as a tracker is concerned. As I will be riding my bike around Perth more often, I will have to get a RX/TX tracker sorted out. At the moment I'm thinking that I'll just stick to the Argent Data Open Tracker. Most likely the T2-301 which is a Tracker2 board integrated with a Friendcom FC-301 D transceiver. The unit has a receive coverage from 127 MHz to 186 MHz. More information can be found here


This FC-301/D 5-watt transceiver includes an integrated Tracker2 TNC board. Like any Tracker2, it can be used as an APRS tracker, digipeater, KISS TNC, and weather station. It can also be connected directly to a Garmin navigation system with Fleet Management Interface support.




Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 October 2014 19:21