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Some information on the tracker VK6MRG-9

I bought myself a Yamaha 700 Grizzly LE for Christmas in 2009, and I love it. Have a look here for more info.

700 grizzly

There are not too many places that I want to go that it won’t take me. 4x4, diff locks, 1200kg winch, 700 kg rated tow bar, a MOTOROLA GM 339 UHF with a remote mounting kit, and now an APRS tracker, VK6MRG-9.

I bought a Byonics RTG (Ready To Go) a while ago to have a play with, but as it was tuned for the USA APRS frequency (144.390) it wasn't much good for Australia. However, I contacted the manufacture of the TX module (Radiometrix) and ordered a module for the Australian APRS frequency of 145.175 MHz. The RTG is not a polite tracker, as it has no receive capabilities, so it will transmit when the settings tell it to and not necessarily when the frequency is clear. But, as the quad will be used in the remote Pilbara region and other remote areas of Western Australia, I figure that it will not cause too much trouble. And besides, it only has a maximum power output of 10 watts, so if it does cause an issue I can always turn it off.

mt-rtg-2 300
mt-rtg-3 200 I have the tracker mounted in a tool box which is mounted on the front rack of the quad. So far this tracker has not caused any problems and is working well. At the moment I just have an on/off switch that I use to turn the tracker on and off, but I'm thinking that I'll get the ADO3 to give the tracker an automatic on/off function like the trackers in the Ute and wagon.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 October 2014 19:51