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JAYCAR WIB (Web Server In a Box)

It will let you house your own website with possibly hundreds or even thousands of pages, all in a little box connected to the Internet via your modem/router. You don't need a computer to operate and house a website - this little box does it for you and it can be accessed from anywhere around the world, at any time, even from a mobile phone which has a web browser. In fact, it is a complete web server in a box.


This is one of those projects that I will get around to one day. I have built the kit and setup the server and so far it does work to some degree. I haven't managed to get the website side of things working has I would like, but I will get around to it one day. It's a shame that this project doesen't have more I/O's as with a few digital inputs =this unit would be a much better project.


I will update this page if I do anything with the WIB, but at this stage I want to get the weather station and the DIGI-peater finished and installed at the block.

I am setting up the Web site In a Box as a water tank level monitor accessible via the Internet. It will have three water tank level sensors and maybe a temperature sensor as well. The digital outputs I'll use to control water valves and maybe a water pump. I'll be using the water tank level project as a guide for the water pressure sensor circuit required for this project. More soon. 

Download the articles below.

Sorry for the format of the acticles but Joomla only allows 1024kb in file sizes on the site.

Part 1a    Part 1b

Part 2a    Part 2b

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


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