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My 63 EJ Holden Special Wagon

EJ Holden Special Wagon

My Latest Old Holden aquisition. 1963 EJ Special Wagon in two tone paint. White over grey.

BODY EJ 229 M-10446M

TRIM 808-B18

PAINT 585-4946

PAINT TOP 585-4675

fb img 1434938922256 1963 EJ Holen Special Wagon.
 screenshots 2014-12-07-23-49-22 Yes, this is an EH. But you get the point of what we are hoping to achive. 

Purchased from Carlyle near Rutherglen on 21st Nov 2013 by my father in law, the seller said he purchased it from a farmer who had parked in a shed and left it still with original rego plates and window sticker attached. Due to amount of mud under floor and obvious star picket holes it had at some stage been used as a spotlighting vehicle. 3 of the 4 floor panels were rusted through but surprisingly the outer panels were reasonably solid. Rats had obviously taken up residence with several nest being found behind panels and in the glovebox. The car was fairly complete and the 138 grey motor started with little encouragement.

These photos were taken when first purchased from the farmer in NSW by the previous owner.  fb img 1434938475769
  fb img 1434938502076
  fb img 1434938482771
  fb img 1434938833640
  fb img 1434938844877
  fb img 1434938841313
   fb img 1434938838177
   fb img 1434938848252
   fb img 1434938799860
The EJ bring dropped off at it's new home in Bendigo in November 2013.  fb img 1434938859805
Brother in law getting ready to unload the wagon.  fb img 1434938891424
Kaiden and Darcey happy helping.  fb img 1434938895615
The EJ after Brad gave it a long over due wash.  fb img 1434938922256
And the engine bay looks a lot better after a dose of degreaser and a wash!  fb img 1434938926833
Interior after a brush down and vacuum out.  fb img 1434938935165

Taken at a road side stop on the way to Paraburdoo.


 dscn0551 2

So, now the restoration starts. Like my FJ, I will start from the ground up and start with the rear end.

When I purchased the EJ from my farther in law he had already bought a lot of new parts. Most of the front and rear end suspention rubbers, new springs, new shockers and rubbers came with the car. 

The old diff housing mounting hardware.  2015-06-22 12.53.28

 And the new/refurbished mounting hardware.

Both mounting plates were bent so I decided to replace them with new mounting plates. The U bolts had some ware so I've got new U bolts and also new insulating rubbers.

U bolts and Insulating rubbers are from Rare Spares, the mounting plates are from a early Holden parts shop on eBay.

 2015-06-22 12.57.42

After a pressure wash and a new coat of paint, should be as good as new.

New brake hose and hand brake cable are required and these will come from Rare Spares.

2015-06-22 13.01.33 2

2015-06-22 13.02.05 2

Passenger side brake is complete. Just needs new shoes and brake cylinder and a good clean and paint.  2015-06-22 13.02.20

Driver’s side rear brake had completely collapsed, the brake drum was so badly damaged that I almost had to cut it off and I had to remove the internals as all the levers had bent and jammed against the drum. All this so I could load the wagon onto the car trailer. I need to find all the parts to rebuild the brake and I’m hoping that OLDEN Motor wreakers in Perth will be able to help me out. Brake shoes and brake cylinder will be from Rare Spares.

2015-06-22 13.02.12

So I guess it's time to look at some new tooling to help with this job. 

I have air and battery rattle guns, impact deep sockets (metric and imperial), standard socket sets in metric and imperial, open ended and ring spanner sets in metric and imperial, bearing pullers, pry bars, hammers, grinder, drill and other hand tools. What I don't have that would help is a large air compressor, sand blaster cabinet, mig welder, ball joint splitter and a slide hammer. So when I get them I'll be able to do more of the cleanup and painting myself.

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