Project status

Sunday, 18 March 2012 20:47 administrator

* Woodanilling Weather station is up and running!

* VK6MRG-1 IGate is up and running!

* With the Woodanilling weather station, I've had to do a few changes to the solar charger as or some reason it will no longer control the load. I'll need to get a new solar charge controller to replace it next trip. Also, I've had to replace the Argent Data wx1 as it had died! Seems to me that these weather stations only last a few years in the field before giving up and dieing! 

* Overhaul VK6MRG-3 Paraburdoo digipeater. As it has been my test rig it needs to have a birthday to tidy everything up and get it ready for deployment into the field. This has been completed, just need a secure site to locate it though. This digi will be setup in Woodanilling as Paraburdoo is no longer a viable option.

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